Information about Germany: Germany official Bundesrepublik Deutschland, BRD (Federal Republic of Germany, FRG) has the largest population of any country in western Europe and also the largest economy. Despite its long history, the nation of Germany is one of the newest in Europe, much younger than the United States of America. Berlin is the capital and the largest city with a population of 3,8 million (2020). Read More...

Game and Nature

Augsburg Zoo is a zoo located in the city of Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany, and with over 600,000 visitors annually, the zoo belongs to the 20 largest Zoos in Germany. Augsburg Zoo holds 1,600 animals belonging to 300 different species.

Botanischer Garten – Japan Garten– In the Augsburg Botanical Garden, more than 3,000 plant species bloom and spread over various theme gardens. Whether in the Romans, the farmers ‘, pharmacists’ and water gardens…


Rose Garden at the New Residence– The Rose Garden in the inner court of the New Residence is not only filled with a sea of fragrant flowers.

Flussbad Hainbadestelle– Outdoor swimming pool in Bamberg. Address: Mühlwörth 18a, 96047 Bamberg, Germany. Phone: +49 951 776571

Bavarian Forest National Park– You will be enchanted by an unspoilt low mountain range landscape of which up to 95{fa81f8a67f75096246572a5bea7b59342d841a370f7a78f07f09c3febb85edd2} is covered by forest.

The Lichtentaler Allee is a historic park and arboretum set out as an 2.3 kilometer strolling avenue along the west bank of the river Oos in Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is open daily without charge.

The Merkur or Großer Staufenberg is a mountain, 668.3 m above sea level, in the Northern Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is the Hausberg of Baden-Baden and located between the spa town and the town of Gernsbach.

The Mummelsee is a 17-metre-deep lake at the western mountainside of the Hornisgrinde in the Northern Black Forest of Germany. It is very popular with tourists travelling along the Schwarzwaldhochstraße.

Lindenhof Park– Lindenhof is the perfect place to relax. This extensive green space on the lakeshore at Bad Schachen was laid out in the mid-19th century.locals and visitors have been able to enjoy the park in all its moods in every season. In summer the huge old trees provide welcome shade…

The Reutiner Bucht is a nature reserve (NSG number 700.60), which is designated under the ordinance of 29 January 2005 by the Regierungspräsidium Schwaben, in the area of ​​the Bavarian town of Lindau at Lake Constance in Germany ( TK 50, Blatt 8524).

The Bavarian Riviera in Lindau with its numerous villas along the shores of Lake Constance is one of the region’s loveliest areas and one of the most beautiful parts of the river in Lindau.


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